Yesterday's Yarns, Book of Short Stories From the Real West

Yesterday's Yarns, Book of Short Stories From the Real West

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   Thom Huge, Buffalo Bill Museum

"It becomes immediately obvious that Ken Overcast is the "real deal". He has lived the cowboy life, witnessed it firsthand, even watched his family grow through it. Ken is STILL the real deal, ranching in the wilds of Montana. Yesterdays Yarns is full of personality, humor, whimsy and drama. His stories carry the weight of authenticity and the joy of loving this Western life he lives. Overcast's tales bring the cowboy life to life for all of us. If you want to borrow a bit of that life for a while, dip into Yesterday's Yarns.  You'll smell the campfire burning with each tale."


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Yesterday’s Yarns by Ken Overcast is a collection of stories from the Real West. Ken says that, “Except for the itty bitty parts I made up, they’re all plum true.” Actually, some are completely historically accurate, while many of the others don’t have a shred of truth. In both cases, the reader is instantly transported to a more innocent time and place where real cowboys still spin yarns around their roundup fires. 240 Pages with Photos and Illustrations by the World Famous Ben Crane.

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