Shootin' the Breeze, Book of Short Stories From the Real West

Shootin' the Breeze, Book of Short Stories From the Real West

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 "Ken Overcast's wit, style and precise translation of Montana cowboy culture make his Shootin' the Breeze, Cowboy Style a hoot to read. He hits the hammer on the head in his humorous decriptions of a cowboy culture vanishing from the Montana landscape, but Overcast helps preserve that culture in this special book about cowboys' daily meanderings.

Montanans ... or people just wanting to be like them will delight in Overcast's writing." David Reese, Montana Living Magazine

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Just pull your boots off and relax. You’ve got a ring side seat as one incredible story after another unfolds right before your very eyes. The vast majority of these little short stories are true…. at least they were sort of true when they happened…. since then, well they may have accidentally been embellished just a little…. all for the sake of an eager audience that really WANTS to believe every word. You’ll probably catch yourself trying to interrupt with a wild tale of your own. After all…. isn’t that what Shootin’ the Breeze is all about?