Montana Campfire CD

Montana Campfire CD

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   "Your music, story telling, jokes, and humor, help make our day. Why, I can just look at your smilin' face and I start chucklin'.You are the real McCoy with a God given talent second to none." ... Edna R.

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Just a cowboy and his guitar around ... well, around a Montana campfire. This is a collection of both stories and songs that will transport you to instantly to the Real West. Cover art is by H. Steven Oiestad.

1. Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo

2. More 'n One Way To Skin a Cat

3. The Tale of Two Traders

4. Old Shep

5. The Million Dollar Invention

6. Hot Dang

7. To Bill Or Not To Bill

8. Tyin' Knots In the Devil's Tail

9. Sellin' On the Street

10. Buck & Bertha

11. The Tattood Lady

12. The Cowboy's Prayer 

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