The Way Of The West, Book of Short Stories from the Real West

The Way Of The West, Book of Short Stories from the Real West

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   Taylor Brown, Northern Broadcasting System  ... "Nobody tells the cowboy stories from our part of the West like Ken Overcast! Occasionally the names have to be changed, but the wrecks are real, and the tales are mostly true."



The Way of the West, From the Eye of a Cowboy is 240 pages of pure fun with photos and illustrations. Alberta's own Ben Crane is the illustrator, and it's a series of family friendly short stories that will transport you to the Real West. Several stories feature Dick and Billy, two of the West's most lovable old bachelor cowboys. They might drink a little more than they should, but you can't help but smile and be reminded of someone you knew way back when.

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"We better git us one of them books, Dick. I hear he's
tellin' stories 'bout us that prob'ly ain't true."